Holistic women’s health, fertility, pregnancy &

post-natal care.


People often call me the fairy godmother of fertility.

Sometimes I wish I did have a magic wand....​

What I do have is the experience, the tools, the inspiration and understanding to help you
optimize your feminine wellness, and support you to reclaim your fertility, if that is the journey you are on right now.

if you...

... Seek a deeper understanding and greater involvement in your health and fertility.​

... Crave a blend of holistic, nurturing support with research-driven, science-based health care.​

... Want compassionate care with a practitioner who has a willingness to listen and truly hears you.​

... Won't settle for second best in your health or on your fertility journey.

... ​Want clear, proven actionable steps to reclaim your wellness and renew your fertility.

​... Are dissatisfied with the cookie cutter approach to female health and infertility​.

... Are struggling, feeling lost and defeated on your fertility journey.

I'm Natalie Pickering.
Naturopath, Herbalist, Natural Fertility Specialist and Conception Mentor.

Personal cheer leader, hand holder or butt kicker when required!


A nature lover

Book worm

Weekend gardener

Tea snob

FIFO wife and Mumma of two gorgeous girls.

A little more about me and why I love supporting you...

Women’s health, pregnancy and babies have been my passion ever since I was a young girl, I feel I was born to nurture.​

I qualified as a Naturopath 25 years ago, adding post-grad Natural Fertility Management with one of Australia’s most well-known Natural Fertility Experts just two years later.​

Since then, I’ve been honoured to guide and support thousands of women rediscover complete feminine wellness and for many - reclaim their fertility and join in welcoming their healthy babies.​

I’ve been developing my expertise in women’s health, natural fertility, IVF support, miscarriage prevention, male fertility, pregnancy care, birth and post-partum care, breastfeeding, infant and child health for over two decades.

I love every single moment of the work I am blessed to do.

​As luck would have it, I had my own fertility struggles. All that I learned helped me overcome my personal obstacles to conception - of PCOS and recurrent miscarriage, eventually becoming Mumma to my two precious daughters in 2007 and 2011.

The truth is...

... I believe you should expect optimal health, to be able to ask all of your questions and get thorough answers.

... I believe in uncovering the complete picture, discovering all of the small imbalances, deficiencies and weaknesses, not just the big, easy to find obstacles.

... I believe you deserve more from your health care team than a quick consultation and prescription.

I also believe in...

Empowering my ladies to feel completely involved - confidently taking ownership of their health and their fertility journeys.

Integrating time honoured holistic health care with modern, evidence based, clinically supported treatment.

“I can’t thank you enough for your support in giving us this most precious gift. I feel like you really are a fairy godmother that brings couples beautiful babies – what an amazing and special gift.”

“You truly are an inspiration at what you do, couldn’t, have been more happy to work through our struggles with you and I hope more women/couples reach out to you again this year.”

“I’ve had 2 positive results on pregnancy tests now. I’m in a bit of shock as this was our first time trying since the Create Conception Program. So excited, Thanks Nat"

" We chatted about what’s next, what my other treatment options for PCOS are, and where our fertility journey goes from here. I couldn’t believe the wealth of knowledge that Nat has, and how incredible I felt after our chat."

The serious stuff...

Advanced Diploma (Naturopathy)

Advanced Diploma (Herbal Medicine)

Diploma (Natural Fertility Management)

Cert IV (Hypnotherapy)


Natalie Pickering has been nurturing, guiding and supporting women to overcome their health challenges for more than two and a half decades. She is a qualified Naturopathic Clinician with a passion for natural fertility and women’s wellness. Natalie has had remarkable success helping hundreds of couples to overcome their obstacles, reclaim their fertility and become parents to healthy, happy babies.

Natalie sees women as the centre point of healthy families and healthy communities and optimizing a woman’s vitality and hormonal balance is one of her greatest passions. As well as women’s wellness, children’s and infant’s health are integral parts of Natalie’s practice.

In 2015, Natalie founded the highly successful “Create Conception Fertility Program“- developed and designed to provide the highest level of support, motivation, education and inspiration for couples who are struggling to conceive their babies. The ‘Create” program is currently enjoying excellent success rates.

Natalie provides science based, integrative naturopathic medicine alongside a meaningful, warm connection with her patients. She combines a deep knowledge of nutritional, lifestyle, and botanical medicine to develop highly personalized, effective treatment plans.

She is passionate about empowering her patients with a deep understanding of their bodies and health obstacles, creating powerful long-term changes in their health and wellness.

Natalie is mum to two girls and wife to a FIFO hubby. She loves spending time in nature whether it’s the back garden or the tall trees of the South-west and cherishes creating healthy, delicious meals to share with family and friends.

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